Author: Maureen Wallace

Cancer Planner offers roadmap, inspiration

Sharon Kim gets that no one ever plans to have cancer, but after watching her mother succumb to sarcoma cancer in 2014, she took on a major life mission: Help people plan to beat cancer. She created CanPlan, a planner to help patients and caregivers fight cancer day by day. But the fire in her belly to help others began as a slow burn. “The pain of watching my mom go through cancer was so intense, that all I wanted to do was numb it,” she shared. “I was in denial about the possibility that she could actually pass...

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Catwalk 2016 raises more than $370k for childhood and ovarian cancer

Martin Truex Jr. and Sherry Pollex raised more than $370,000 at their seventh annual Catwalk for a Cause to support childhood and ovarian cancers Wednesday, May 18. This was their first Catwalk since rebranding the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation to focus on ovarian cancer, after Sherry’s stage 3c ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2014. The sold-out crowd was immersed in a beach theme for the evening, weaving around a carefully crafted sand dune within the exposed-brick walls of Merino’s furniture warehouse in Mooresville, N.C. The scent of hydrangeas mixed with wafts of shrimp tacos and every possible beach-going fare and...

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The power of Pilates

Yoga and Pilates each provide unique and soul-restoring methods of strengthening mind, body and spirit – benefits for anyone fighting a health issue. When I discovered Pilates, I’d had three lower-back surgeries and years of chronic sciatica and lower-back pain. I’ve never felt healthier than during the two years I trained with Pilates teacher Brooke Anderson, whose own start in Pilates came as she battled lower-back pain from years of running. “When I discovered how much Pilates worked your core (abdominal) muscles in ways I never thought possible – as opposed to just doing crunches – I knew I...

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