Author: Sherry Pollex

What is integrative medicine?

Much of my website focuses on integrative medicine, and I want readers to understand why. Without a doubt, traditional medicine saved my life. But complementary medicine strengthened me through treatment and has become my way of giving myself the best shot at staying healthy even if a recurrence happens. But what is integrative medicine, anyway? After my stage 3c ovarian cancer diagnosis, I spent hours poring over websites and educating myself about all the ways I could help myself. I learned about nutrition, supplements, acupuncture… all the things I want to introduce to you or help you understand better. All these things are examples of complementary medicine, and Dr. Chasse Bailey-Dorton from Levine’s Integrative Medicine Program defines integrative medicine in a way that just makes sense: “[Integrative medicine is] taking what’s evidence based in complementary medicine – for example, nutrition, lifestyle, supplements – and combining it with conventional medicine to give someone the best care possible.” The best care possible. Every woman – every human – battling cancer deserves to know he or she is receiving the best care possible. Honestly, it’s frustrating to me that not every cancer center has an integrative medicine program, but I’m proud of the insights I’ve been able to share with my doctors, to show them firsthand what a difference integrative medicine can make. What I love about Dr. Bailey-Dorton’s definition is how...

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