It’s totally natural to hear “cancer” and immediately want to search the Internet for every possible piece of information! But trust me, that can be so damaging to your mindset at a time when you really need to focus on yourself! No two bodies are exactly alike, so push the laptop or your phone to the side and listen to the advice your doctors are offering for your unique situation.

When I found out I had stage 3 ovarian cancer, I dove into trying to learn as much as I could about it, from switching to nontoxic health and beauty products to focusing on nutrition and alternative therapies like acupuncture and meditation for stress relief. The statistics available were – are – depressing, but I learned to stop dwelling on them and focus on taking control. I wanted to educate myself, and I worked hard to identify credible resources, which took a TON of time. I don’t want you to have to spend as much time as it took me to find the resources I really needed.

Today, I’m battling a recurrence and find myself returning to these resources to feel inspired to stay on the healthy path I know gives me the best shot to beat this horrible disease. So, ever wonder what resources other cancer fighters keep at their fingertips? I asked two of my favorite cancer-fighting experts, Dr. Chasse Bailey-Dorton from Levine Cancer Institute’s Integrative Oncology Clinic and Dr. Josh Axe, a doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic and clinical nutritionist with a passion to help people get well using food as medicine, and of course I’m sharing my own favorites, too!

If you like learning about their must-read book list, please let me know in the comments below. I want to give you information YOU find helpful! And if you really like this list, PLEASE share it! You never know who’s facing the C word and wondering where to turn.

My favorite resources:

  1. Tripping over the Truth: How the Metabolic Theory of Cancer is Overturning One of Medicine’s Most Entrenched Paradigms, by Travis Christofferson
  2. Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, by Kelly A. Turner, PhD.
  3. Five to Thrive, by Lise N. Alschuler, ND
  4. Beating Cancer with Nutrition, by Patrick Quillin, PhD, RD, CNS
  5. How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine, by Dr. Michael Murray

Dr. Chasse Bailey-Dorton’s recommended reading list:

  1. Integrative Oncology, by Donald I. Abrams and Andrew T. Weil
  2. Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, by Kelly A. Turner, PhD
  3. The Cancer Fighting Kitchen, by Rebecca Katz
  4. Mindfulness-based Cancer Recovery, by Linda Carlson
  5. Fight Back with Joy, by Margaret Feinberg
  6. Reclaiming Your Life after Diagnosis, by Kim Thiboldeaux and Mitch Golant
  7. Chasing Daylight, by Eugene O’Kelly
  8. Integrative Strategies for Cancer Patients by Elena Ladas and Kara Kelly
  9. Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life, by David Servan-Schreiber

Dr. Josh Axe’s recommended reading roundup:

  1. Cancer Killers, by Charles Majors
  2. Eat Dirt, by Josh Axe
  3. The Root Cause, by Izabella Wentz
  4. The Blue Zones, by Dan Buettner
  5. Never Be Sick Again, by Raymond Francis


Sherry’s Favorite Resources

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Dr. Chasse Bailey-Dorton’s recommended reading list:

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Dr. Josh Axe’s recommended reading roundup:

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